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有趣的英语 / cowardice of curs.

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cowardice of curs.

In days of yore some people were not content to a describe group of things—especially things in the animal kingdom—as a group of this or a group of that; they felt that more specific collective nouns were required, or at least desired. And specific they could be. Folks could not simply refer to groups of birds simply as flocks. A group of larks was an “exaltation” and one of crows was the more sinister “murder.”
Dogs might well ask if they are stuck with the more mundane “packs” and “litters,” which, after all, are words they share with other species? Well, yes and no. Not that “pack” does not have its points. Canids in general are considered pack animals in the same way that cattle are herd animals. There are pack behaviors and specific social patterns that emerge based on these behaviors. In this sense, any cohabiting group of dogs forms a “pack” so the term can be used inclusively. However, back in the day—say two centuries or more ago—when those with leisure felt it important to name groups with more precision, and perhaps more poetry, there were other expressions.

Since society was predominantly agricultural and dogs filled roles other than as pets, perhaps there was a need for more distinctive names. Or perhaps those doing the naming were amateur philologists or folklorists who “collected” the nomenclature. Most likely: it was simple snobbery. Regardless, Americans were more familiar with the canine middle class: field dogs. Working dogs—herders, guard dogs, and hunters—can be highly respected members of rural communities, but they tend to live in separate accommodations rather than as pets in the house with the humans. When domesticated, a group of these dogs was referred to as a “kennel” rather than a pack. More specific descriptors included: a “brace” or “leash” for two greyhounds or a “couple” for a pair of harriers. And for some paradoxical reason, a kennel of hunting hounds was sometimes referred to as a “mute of hounds” and at other times as the more descriptive “cry of hounds.”reference 1 Such were “terms of venery.” For practical purposes most of this nomenclature has fallen out of fashion. The terms are likely to be unfamiliar even to dog professionals. Newborn pups are still called a “litter” and, less often, the pups themselves may be referred to as “whelps.”

In or out of use, these are pretty pallid descriptors when compared to “a zeal of zebras” or a “hover of trout.” However, when it came to the lowest class of canines, groups of unpedigreed dogs or “curs,” the language became more colorful. A grouping of this kind was reportedly referred to as a “cowardice of curs.”reference 2 Now there is a vivid collective noun for you: cowardice.

These dogs were already looked down upon as strays and the companions of the lower classes, so why add insult to injury by calling a group of curs a “cowardice?” Perhaps it was because these dogs often had to fend for themselves rather than being fed by the products of today's pet food industry. As with hunting packs everywhere, ungoverned groups of dogs chose the most vulnerable as their prey and avoided fights they could not win. These are good survival strategies, but they run counter to the image of the dog as loyal and noble; and there is no doubt that as a result curs appeared cowardly. Branding them as cowards may also have served to reinforced a notion that purebred dogs are morally superior, or at least have superior guidance from their more aristocratic owners.

Metaphorically a cur may refer to a person of mixed ancestry but more often refers to a contemptible man, probably a low-life, certainly one with a bad personality. In the early 20th century the phrase “a cowardice of curs” was also used metaphorically to refer to a group of ill-led lower-class humans, much the same as another canine reference, a “canaille,” or rabble.
In a light novel of 1916, Faith Tresilion, Eden Phillpotts offers this exchange that highlights the nature of groups of curs, both literal and figurative. Defending his mixed-breed hunting dogs, a huntsman claims it is not the breed but the leader who matters:

“What a cowardice of curs!” commented Lieutenant Baldwin; whereupon his uncle stood up for the local pack.

“They are good enough hounds,” he said. “…The use of a foxhound does not demand bravery. It is the same with men. As a soldier you should know that. The leaders are brave, the rank and file look to them for that spirit that inspires a fighting regiment…” reference 3

The distinction Phillpotts appears to make is that cowardices of curs (whether human or canine) are defined by their lack of brave leadership. The unavoidable implication is that both dogs and the human “rank and file” are at their best—and are the bravest and most loyal—when they have the beneficent guidance of well-bred humans.

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A CAPTCHA (/kæp.tʃə/, a contrived acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.
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"Which" and "that"

第二十二讲  定语从句中which和that的区别




    先行词包含序数词、the only、the very、the last等词时,引导词要用that。

    先行词是none、all、every、anynothing 等词时,也要用that。




    ① The dog _____ is sitting on the mat is Pluto.









    The dog that is sitting on the mat is Pluto.


    The dog which is sitting on the mat is Pluto.



    The dog that is sitting on the mat is Pluto. (√)

    The dog which is sitting on the mat is Pluto. (×)




The workers_____worked on the A project made a good effort.



    The workers who/ that worked on the A project made a good effort.


    The workers that worked on the A project made a good effort.



    What was the first that came to your mind?

    He is the only person that I have ever met.

没错。就是因为“the only person”、“the first”所表示的事物只有一个或是对这个事物的指向已经非常明显了,并没有“从多个中选一个”的暗示在里面,所以引导词只能用that。



    公众号:阿丁的英语课堂(ID:adingdemao),关注后回复 [ 英语 ] 还可获得《3000个写作及口语高频词》等精选学习材料哟~

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FOMO is the fear of missing out;

JOMO is the joy of missing out.
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She hasn’t the ghost of a notion what poetry is !
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2.〔d-〕 理想中的情人。
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The man is a living monument to ineptitude

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a piece of music by a singer or group that is little known in comparison to their other music.
"he sang favorites and deep cuts from his lengthy career"
something that is recognizable or familiar only to passionate enthusiasts of a specified area.
"our waitress rounded up an amazing rum flight for us—she pulled some deep cuts, all rums I'd never heard of"
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Every spring, the sugar snap peas at Magic Seed Farm in Twin Falls, Idaho, burst from the dirt like an alarm clock, signaling the upcoming summer bounty. For owner Rod Lamborn, these snap peas are a living tribute to his father, Dr. Calvin Lamborn, the man who invented them.

https://getpocket.com/explore/it ... ource=pocket-newtab
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Clive tyldesley and his stooge are scandalised by what they imagine to have been a deliberate dive。

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卡丁夫峡谷之战役 Battle of the Caudine Forks


https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E ... 7%E6%88%98%E5%BD%B9


https://books.google.com/books?i ... 5%BD%B9&f=false

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1,He looked at me in blank amazement .

2,He stared in amazement and his jaw dropped .

3,linor and her mother rose up in amazement .

4,She regarded him with amazement unconcealed .

5,His announcement produced gasps of amazement .

6,There is the general amazement at the murder .

7,They wheeled round in amazement .

8,All those around him looked at him with amazement .

9,He looked at her in amazement .

10,Ralph stood up in amazement .

amazement = 惊讶,惊异,惊奇,惊骇,惊叹,惊恐,惊诧,惊喜,惊愕,目瞪口呆,不知所措,惊喜交集,呆头呆脑,出人意料。
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If You Can’t Join ‘em - Beat ‘em!
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was struck by the disjointedness of her gait.


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It rains a lot in this area.


There lives an old lady at the foot of the mountain.


It is your concern whether you believe me or not.

It is advisable to wait till they come back.

It is diligence that makes for deficiency.


We shouldn't be too romantic about personal relationship.

As long as he is living, he always works and studies as hard as possible, unwilling to dream his life away, let alone waste even a single moment of life.



Fishing is an outdoor sport that can cultivate your mind and it is good for your mental and physical health.


He was born in Chaoyang District of Beijing on May 20, 1970.


Send us a message in case you have any difficulty.


Heal the wounded, rescue the dying, practice the revolutionary humanitarianism.

In no time, I was thrown into a feeling of sorrowful anger at being forgotten and abandoned by the rest of the world and could not help crying my heart out.


All metals do not conduct electricity equally well.

None of my friends smoke.


Food, clothing, shelter and transportation are the biggest concern of the common people.

He suffered a great deal from cold and hunger.



The windows of that room were never open.


汉语用“无、不、没、非”等词表示全部否定,在英语中可用no, not, none, nothing, nor, neither等词以及否定前缀、后缀等来对应翻译。

A good dictionary is indispensable for learning a foreign language.

汉语用“决不、永不、从不”等词表示绝对否定,在英语中可用never, not at all, by no means等进行对译。

Under no circumstances should we give up our hope.

汉语用“并非总是”“不是太”等表示部分否定,在英语中可用not every, not much, not always等进行对译。

汉语中用“几乎不、很少”等表示半否定,在英语中可用barely, hardly, seldom等进行对译。


Life is far from being a bed of roses.

The scenery is too beautiful to describe.


But for your help, I should not have finished the work in time.

It is impossible but that a man will make some mistakes.



I was recommended by a professor.



The vegetables are cooking.



Without being noticed, I lifted the curtain of my small room, only to spy a bustle of a kaleidoscopic world down in the garden.

We are very familiar with the scene when a person suddenly stopped his/her steps to edit short messages with eyes glued at the phone, not caring about his/her stopping in the road center or beside the restroom.

Chinese people has never regarded human being as the highest creature among everything else since ancient times, whose behavior in both philosophy and arts take a rather appropriate proportion with all others in the natural world, but not as an absolute dominant ruler.


Hardly any of them cares to look up and throws a glance at the beautiful twilight.

Could there be any standards to evaluate the meaning of one’s life?


One spring evening, my parents held a banquet in the garden where all sorts of flowers were in full bloom. Instantly, a crowd of guests gathered together and their laughter was heard all over there.


At the turn of century, as our motherland is becoming more prosperous and powerful, people across the Straits will strengthen their exchanges, and work together to realize the cause of the reunification of our motherland.


However, if we, on the whole, can find out whether his attitude towards his life is serious or not and what is his attitude towards his life and work, it would not be difficult to make an appropriate evaluation of the meaning of one’s life.

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Good Offices

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He may have it in his power to return a good office .

These gentlemen had an indefinable mistrust of her good offices .

It is in this manner that we obtain from one another the far greater part of those good offices which we stand in need of .

Willingly , and a small return for your good offices
“欢迎,也可以对你的帮助聊表谢意。 ”

We got the statistics we needed through his good offices

We got the statistics we needed through his good offices

By the good offices of

I accepted his good offices which , coming from your father , cannot be regarded as charity


At shengda , the downgraded diploma struck some students as a body blow , one that could cripple their chances of securing a good office job

In the next year he obtained , through the good offices of an old friend , a post with a publishing firm which , though not highly paid , he found more congenial

Twelve years before , ferapontov had profited by alpatitchs good offices to buy timber from the old prince , and had begun going into trade ; and by now he had a house , an inn and a corn - dealers shop in the town

That prince andrey should know that she was in the power of the french ! that she , the daughter of prince nikolay andreitch bolkonsky , should stoop to ask general rameau to grant her his protection , and should take advantage of his good offices . the idea appalled her , made her shudder and turn crimson
“要让安德烈公爵知道我落在法国人手里,那还了得,要让尼古拉安德烈伊奇博尔孔斯基公爵的女儿去求拉莫将军先生给予她保护,并且接受他的恩惠,那怎么行! ”

Both directly and through the good offices of its subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in france 、 china 、 malaysia and brazil , sidep group develops and manufactures an extensive range of anti - theft systems and eas products that have been welcomed by the largest retailers , stores and boutiques in over 50 countries
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Between that year — to which I could ascribe no precise date — of my Combray life and the evenings at Rivebelle which had, an hour earlier, been reflected above my drawn curtains, what a world of differences!

a world of differences!
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You got this! 鼓励:(你能行) 加油!

Go get them! 在比赛、面试之前,祝福别人: (好好发挥) 加油!

Hang in there!(坚持一下)加油!
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fugitive essay

1. (文艺上的)随笔,漫笔;小品文,短论〔理论性强的学术论文叫 treatise, dissertation〕。
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    "impress"中文翻译    vt. (impressed 或〔古语〕 imprest ...

    "impress"中文翻译    vt. (impressed 或〔古语〕 imprest) 1.盖印;在…打上记号。 2.使铭记,使记住;使深深感到。 3.传递,发送。 4.【电学】给(线路)加电压。 He did not impress me at all. 他没有给我留下丝毫印象。 an impressed current 外加电流。 impress a mark (up) on a surface =impress a surface with a mark 在表面上打记号。 an impressed stamp 盖了戳的邮票。 impress an official letter with one's seal = impress one's seal on an official letter 在公函上盖印。 be favourably [unfavourably] impressed 中意[不中意];得到好的[不好的]印象。 be impressed by [with] 深感;为…所感动。 vi. 引人注意,哗众取宠。 n. 1.盖印;铭刻;印记,记号。 2.印象,痕迹;特征。 bear the impress of 带有…的特征。 vt. (impressed 或〔古语〕 imprest) 1.强制…服兵役。 2.征用。 3.(在辩论中)引用,利用。 n. = impressment.

    "impress on"中文翻译    打上记号; 给……印象; 使牢记, 给...留下印象; 印,盖印; 蝇留下印象
    "impress…on"中文翻译    给…留下印象
    "impress 2"中文翻译    叫去
    "impress sb with"中文翻译    给留下深刻印象
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"fortune favours fools"  



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How to understand the phrase "compact majorities" in this context?

    The most dangerous enemies of truth and justice in our midst are the compact majorities, the damned compact majority

This phrase "compact majority" appears in other parts of the essay, for example

    The majority, that compact, immobile, drowsy mass, the Russian peasant, after a century of struggle, of sacrifice, of untold misery, still believes that the rope which strangles "the man with the white hands" brings luck

The only meanings of "compact" that I can find relate to "things packed closely together", but here it is used in a pejorative way, meaning, I guess, "ignorant"? Where does this come from?

It is an extension of the literal meaning you cite. It refers to a majority of people who stubbornly stick to some values or customs. The sense is negation in the specific context but not necessarily so.  

– user 66974
Dec 29, 2019 at 17:38
It's the 'firmly packed, established, unchangeable' sense. There's the nuance of 'complacent'. But please show the research you've done. –

Edwin Ashworth
Dec 29, 2019 at 17:45
@EdwinAshworth I think I missed the "unchangeable" part. It probably doesn't help that there is a word in my native language that is very similar ("kompaktowy") which also means firmly packed, but with a more positive meaning, as in "conveniently small". I guess in English this means more like "pressed together into something dense and firm", and not necessarily in a good way? –

Dec 29, 2019 at 18:43
It's not a common usage here (hence the difficulty in finding it in a dictionary). The writing (both quotes) is flowery, and should not be seen as examples of modern idiomatic English. –
Edwin Ashworth
Dec 29, 2019 at 19:46


The phrase you quote appears to be defining the term you are looking at:

    The majority, that compact, immobile, drowsy mass...

I would assume that wherever else the author uses the phrase "compact majority" they are referring to this description.

Compact means "densely packed", but also carries connotations of "hard to break apart" "hard to move", which definitely tie in with the way the author is trying to describe the "majority". It doesn't necessarily mean ignorant, but it is intended to imply that their views don't change with new information or discoveries. "Immobile" and "drowsy" also convey similar ideas.

It could also mean "doesn't interact with those around", specifically that it is not informed by new information or discoveries.


Impossible to determine in context. It could be a reference to the way that compacting materials makes them hard to break up (the way it is used in rammed walls to make dirt suitable as building material).

It could also be a reference to the way they are unified and so difficult to break up by a divide-and-conquer strategy.
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answered Jun 28, 2020 at 18:05
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Several meanings of "compact" seem to fit the author's usage. The meanings already cited seem to fit best. However, one definition of compact as a noun is: an agreement to form a sort of union, or a block, or coalition, or association, e.g. the Mayflower Compact, in order to achieve a common goal. That meaning seems to be along the same lines. I don't think that's what the author meant literally, but that definition sheds some insights into the origin.

https://dictionary.cambridge.org ... compact?topic=small

https://english.stackexchange.co ... ies-in-this-context

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聚会,晚会,宴会,舞会, 太细节了。


娱乐会,欢乐会, 玩乐会,
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"Speaking Likenesses" - what does the title mean?

"Speaking likenesses" is a little-known book by Christina Rossetti, published in the late 19th century. It was never reprinted and I haven't managed to get a copy, but it's supposed to be inspired by "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", but rather didactic. The book contains stories of girls (some good, some bad) who get their just deserts. I don't know much more than you can read here

The only meaning of "speaking likeness" I could find in the Internet is something like "way of depicting people that displays them in the act of speaking, starting to speak or having just spoken".

Does the phrase have any strict meaning? If it doesn't, what meanings could it evoke in a late 19th century reader? I don't even know if it's more about "a likenesses that are speaking" or "speaking that is done by likenesses".

I believe that "Likeness" here means "a representation, picture, or image, especially a portrait".

So the title refers to the idea that the book presents portraits that "speak" through stories.

This belief is supported by the fact that the title page of the book reads:

    Speaking likenesses/ by Christina Rosssetti; With pictures thereof by Aurthur Hughes.

I'm taking "thereof" to mean that the illustrator depicts the speaking likenesses when he draws the children. That is characters in the story are themselves the speaking likenesses.

You can use the Look Inside feature on Amazon to see selected pages of the book.

https://english.stackexchange.co ... does-the-title-mean
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Definition of Suave mari magno

What does the word Suave mari magno mean?

        part of speech: noun

        [L.] The first words of the opening of the second book of the Latin poet Lucretius, De Rerum Nalura ; of which this is the general sense. "It is a delightful thing, while the great sea rages, to watch from the land another struggling with the waves : not because this is in itself a delight : yet it is a delight to watch calamities from which you feel yourself safe. So to look on a battle from some safe point of view. But nothing is more delightful than, from some serene stronghold of knowledge, to look down upon the wanderings and errors of other men, and their efforts after mere wealth and power, rather than knowledge and a quiet mind."

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本帖最后由 Reader86 于 2022-7-21 09:49 PM 编辑

拉丁诗人卢克莱修的第二本书,De Rerum Nalura 开篇的第一句话; 这是一般意义上的。 “当大海汹涌澎湃时,从陆地上看着另一个人在海浪中挣扎是一件令人愉快的事情:并不是因为这本身就是一件快乐的事情:但是,看着你感到安全的灾难是一件令人愉快的事情。所以 从某种安全的角度来看一场战斗。但是,没有什么比从某个宁静的知识堡垒看不起其他人的游荡和错误,以及他们追求财富和权力而不是知识和权力的努力更令人愉快的了。 一颗安静的心。”


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@宋 鸣 Ming SONG 问个问题, 从salzburg坐火车到Budapest,一路上有大草甸子和村落,偶然有旧时的城堡和教堂,非常好的自然风景,有一个专有英语名词形容这个地理,景致,或者风光,我过去知道,现在想不起来了。是什么?
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As verbs the difference between enchanted and entranced is that enchanted is (enchant) while entranced is (entrance).

As adjectives the difference between enchanted and entranced is that enchanted is charmed, delighted, enraptured(陶醉了)while entranced is held at attention, as if by magic.(看得入了神)

As an interjection enchanted is (dated).
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使用道具 举报


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